Businesses in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is the fifth largest city in the United States. The large metropolitan area has an estimated population of 4,192,887 people (2012), which makes it the most populous state capital in the country.

Phoenix Cremation Service

Businesses here  have been in business for a long time. It is the hub of economic activity not just for Arizona, but also the entire southwestern United States as well.

Phoenix has become a major trading center because it sits at the intersection of two major freeways (Interstate 10 and Interstate 17) It is also served by three major airports. Other than those transportation hubs, Phoenix is home to several other large companies like US Airways Group, Honeywell Aerospace and Boeing Helicopters that have made their home here due to its flourishing business environment and central location.

Cremation Business in Phoenix  Arizona

Cremation is the process of reducing a dead human body to bone fragments through direct exposure to high heat, which reduces it to roughly 1-8 pounds of mineral ash. A cremated body is not ashes as we know them in the traditional sense. It can be stored anywhere in small urns (which cost $60-$300) or scattered on top of hillsides or somewhere special. Since there are no regulations prohibiting outdoor scattering, family members frequently scatter cremated remains at their favorite outside spot or at a place that has an emotional meaning; this place could be someone’s birthplace, first home they lived in together, etc..

Although many people think that cremated remains can only be buried a cemetery plot alongside other bodies, this is not true. As of January 2012, four major companies have introduced biodegradable urns which will allow families to bury the remains in a traditional graveyard or scatter them somewhere else on their property.

Cremation is also much more cost-effective than other forms of burial; it costs about $2000-$3000 versus upwards of $11000 for traditional burials. It can also take up less space and be done quicker since there are no caskets involved. The average cost to cremate an adult body starts at about $400 and goes up from there depending on certain factors like the brands of urn, etc.. If you plan to bury ashes on your own then expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $7000.

Cremation has also been gaining popularity because it leaves less of an environmental impact when compared to traditional burials. The wood used for caskets, the metal from button closures and zippers, and the chemicals from embalming can leech toxins into the ground which seep into groundwater and harm nearby ecosystems. Cremated remains are not toxic since they only consist of minerals like calcium and potassium rather than chemicals or plastic that could be harmful to the environment if buried.

If you have just lost a loved one in Phoenix Arizona then you don’t need some cremation service company pressuring you right away; take your time in making a decision about what to do with their remains. You need time grieve: nobody should be rushing you to do anything.