Cremation Services

The cremation process starts with a deceased person. A funeral director will guide the family through each step of deciding to cremate their loved one and what services are available. You can choose between full service or direct disposition, which means you do not need to be present for any part of the cremation process. Full-service families have the opportunity to view their loved ones at rest before they are taken away by trained professionals in charge of transportation and preparation. Afterward, these individuals take over until your final wishes come into fruition when it comes time to place them inside an urn that is either selected during preplanning or chosen after death has occurred. The crematorium then takes care of remains back home so that a memorial service can take place. This includes returning ashes or remains to family members for them to either hold onto, scatter, bury, mix with another material like soil and plant a flower so the deceased will live on in a tree, keep inside an urn if you are holding onto it until more decisions about what happens next can be made by your loved ones as they continue their grieving process.

Phoenix Cremation Service

Direct disposition is best suited for those who do not want any part of the cremation facility required such as viewing services before cremation or having someone present during transportation from funeral home to crematorium. It allows families more privacy while still being able to give proper respects after death has occurred because no matter which service you choose there is always going to come time when final goodbye’s need to take place.

The final step is the urn selection and it can be one of many different types depending on your specific wants, needs, or desires for how you want things handled after cremation has taken place. It all depends on whether you are opting against any sort of memorial service in lieu of a burial at sea (where ashes are scattered into water) or scattering services where family members have loved ones present during each ceremonial event that takes place wherever they feel their deceased relative would have wanted them to scatter their remains. There is also ground burial which allows families to hold onto an urn with remains inside until it comes time when they can decide what will happen next such as placing ashes inside before being buried in a cemetery or another designated area.

Cremation services made easy for families who are grieving and need a way to cope when someone they love has passed away. Whether it be full-service funeral with cremation as an added option or direct disposition where all family members do not want anything but final goodbye’s before body goes into the urn.

Additionally, the cremation process can be customized to suit individual family’s needs for how they want things handled. This ranges from urn selection, memorial services being held or not at all until a later date when more decisions about what happens next have been made by loved ones and if any type of service will be held in lieu of burial at sea (where ashes are scattered into water) or scattering where family members present each time ashes are spread during ceremonial events taking place wherever they feel their deceased relative would have wanted them to scatter their remains.