Downtown Phoenix a Neighborhood in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix is officially known as the City of Phoenix. It is the capital of the state and as a city, it has merged with surrounding unincorporated areas in Maricopa County. The city is centrally located in Arizona and lies at an elevation of 1,100 feet above sea level.

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The downtown area or district has been facing challenges over past decade but things are changing now. There are now about 29 official districts in Phoenix metro area which makes it one of best places to live. Some people love living here while others simply need to stay here for work/ business purposes. As someone who resides or works within the downtown area, you will come across many local events, entertainment options and different activities which can keep you busy throughout the year.

Downtown Phoenix is popular for its beautiful historic districts and buildings. The city has many districts such as Churchill, Roosevelt, Willo, Coronado, Encanto-Palmcroft, FQ Story etc which were developed during housing booms in 1940’s-1960’s.

The downtown area was impacted by the real estate bubble burst of 2006 but is showing signs of revival now. In recent years, there has been increase in number of new residential condominiums which has brought young crowds to this place. So let me give you a brief about some other aspects that make it a great place to live or visit (if you are here on vacation).

Phoenix History:

The history of Phoenix starts with agricultural era since it was located in fertile lands. By the early 1960s, it was already a hub of agricultural industry which attracted many new people to this place. However, by mid-1960s, the federal government started funding for space program and defense industries were established here. It became official state capital in 1968 after passing legislation by Arizona State Constitution.

The region where Phoenix is situated used to be occupied by tribe called Hohokam who built canal systems that can still be seen until today (if you know where to look). Many parts of residential districts in downtown area has been named after these prehistoric people who lived here between 1000AD-1400AD.

Phoenix Skyline:

The area features tall skyscrapers, luxurious resorts, spas and several other high-end amenities that you can enjoy at any point of time. There are about 14 different museums and art galleries here which will keep you occupied throughout the day.

The city has many professional sports teams such as Diamondbacks baseball team, Suns basketball team, Cardinals football team etc while it also has two stadiums for NFL games (US Airways and University of Phoenix). There is no shortage of good restaurants or bars where you can sit back with friends for drinks/dinner.

Downtown Phoenix nightlife scene is very vibrant these days with number of different live music venues to choose from. All this and more make it a great place to live or visit depending on what you prioritize.

Where to Stay in Downtown Phoenix:

There are many luxury hotels, resorts and budget-friendly options to choose from when it comes to selecting suitable accommodation. Some of the upscale neighborhood include Biltmore, Coronado, Roosevelt, FQ Story etc with plenty of mid-range (and cheap) housing options available in downtown area itself.

Downtown Phoenix Homes for Sale/Rent:

Phoenix has all types of housing available including condominiums, townhouses, apartments etc which makes it one of best place to live as mentioned earlier. There are about 2200 condos units under construction right now at different areas within downtown area that will be ready by end.