Things to do in Phoenix Arizona

When you talk about good times in Phoenix, AZ it usually involves a great night out with friends. But what if you want to hit the town and do something different? Here are some ideas on how to have fun in Phoenix that won’t break the bank (well maybe just a little). Don’t forget to check out our club coupons for great deals at all around the valley!

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Dive Bars: You don’t need an excuse to go to one of these bars; they’re everywhere. They’re not usually too loud or crowded, so it’s easy for hanging out with friends while enjoying your favorite drink. Some popular dive bars include The Duce and The Lost Leaf.

Pool Halls: Having a rough week? Try your luck at the pool hall. These bars are fun and competitive, so you might even win yourself some free drinks (bonus!). Some popular places to play in the valley include The Rack and Charlie’s.

Dancing: Want to show off your moves? It’s easy—head over to one of the many dance clubs in Phoenix. You can have a great time without breaking the bank on expensive drinks–most places offer specials on certain nights. Popular dance clubs include SideBar and El Hefe.

Comedy Clubs : Laugh it up with friends or make some new ones at a comedy club near you! Phoenix is home to several different venues that host comedians every night of the week–it’s never been easier to get out of the house and enjoy a good chuckle.

Comedy shows usually have affordable cover charges, so you can laugh away your problems without breaking the bank! Some popular comedy venues include Stand Up Live and The Second City.

Sports: One of the most competitive cities in America, Phoenix is home to several professional teams such as Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals and ASU Sun Devils. If you don’t feel like buying game tickets (which are on average $60+), head down to the stadium up an hour or two early–games typically open up their parking lots for free tailgating and many fans bring TVs and other inflatable games like cornhole to pass the time while they wait for kick-off. A great way to enjoy a game without having to be an actual “fan”!

Golf: Looking for a new way to spend a weekend? Grab your clubs and head out to one of the many beautifully maintained golf courses in Phoenix. While it’s fun to play with friends, there are several places where you can play by yourself. It’s a great way to get away from everyone and relax! For more information on courses, see Golf AZ. *Note that some courses have different rates depending on the time of day or week; they’re also known for their rough prices ($15-$25 range) at peak times like Friday afternoons/evenings, so plan accordingly!

Hiking: Want to get away from the heat? Right outside of the city there are many beautiful hiking trails where you can take in some fresh air and amazing scenery. For more information, check out Urban Hikes AZ ! These spots are perfect for a relaxing Saturday with friends or family.

Live Music : When it comes down to it, everyone just wants to have fun–and what better way than by attending your favorite band’s next show? Phoenix is home to several venues featuring local and famous artists alike every night of the week. You’re sure to have a blast singing along with your buddies! Some popular live music venues include The Marquee and Crescent Ballroom.

That would be all for now because there are many more!